Single-Use Plastic Elimination or Reduction

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The first single-use plastic reduction solution and certification for businesses

Our SUPER technology helps businesses calculate their Single-Use Plastic Footprint, reduce it, and get certified for it.  The process is easy, quick, and scalable.

SUPER offers three tiers of certification: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

In addition, our data-driven procurement platform connects supply and demand for vetted alternatives to single-use plastics.

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Impact Background

Plastic Pollution has reached alarming proportions. Plastics production surged to 311 million tons a year in 2014, and it is expected to double over the next 20 years. Half of plastics produced are single-use, designed to become garbage; a staggering 32% of which escapes collection to become plastic pollution. According to the Word Economic Forum, the world’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050. We all inhale and eat hundreds of microplastics daily, and nearly all humans, newborns included, test positive for the hazardous plastic additive BPA.

No longer an option

Business Background

New and inevitable rules of the game for businesses mean single-use plastics must be eliminated or significantly reduced.

The European Union, the Sate of California, and other Governments, corporations and organizations all over the world have pledged to transition to a Circular Economy within an ambitious time frame, and are passing aggressive legislative measures to eliminate or reduce single-use plastics.

The transition might be daunting, but major cost savings and market advantage await those businesses with the courage to lead.

We are here to help you turn challenge – and mandate – into opportunity, savings, and competitive edge.

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How it works:

1)  Contact us today at +1 415 SUPER 19 or by email at

2)  Fill out a form, and engage your team around single-use plastic reduction.

3)  Engage, learn, and get your free SUPER audit results.

4)  If you qualify, choose to become SUPER Certified.

As a SUPER Certified business you get:

1) Differentiation from competitors.

2) Significant cost savings.

3) Customer recognition as a business that leads the effort to stop plastic pollution.

4) The official SUPER Certified Seal on your web channels, documentation, etc.



About us


Over 10 years of SUPER experience

Our mission is the global and systemic elimination of single-use plastics.

We bring together over 10 years of passionate leadership and expertise in Single-Use Plastic Elimination and Reduction.


Leadership team:

Manuel Maqueda

Manuel Maqueda

Co-founder and CEO

Manuel Maqueda is a plastic pollution remediation pioneer and expert. Manuel co-founded Plastic Pollution Coalition, El Plástico Mata and Le Plastique Tue, and co-founded and co-produced iconic plastic pollution film Albatross. Manuel holds a MS in Economics and a Juris Doctor degree, and is a seasoned social entrepreneur and impact business consultant. Manuel teaches Impact Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Circular Economy at UC Berkeley and other business schools. 

Molly Moore

Molly Moore

Co-founder and COO

Molly Moore is a sustainability consultant and leader helping organizations reduce environmental impacts across private and NGO sectors. She holds an MBA in Sustainable Systems and a Certificate in Energy Solutions from Pinchot University / Presidio Graduate School, and is a U.S. Zero Waste Business Council Associate.  As a former REV Sustainability Circle Coach, Molly has an extensive track record helping companies become more sustainable while saving money.

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SUPER is a nonprofit based in the San Francisco Bay Area, receiving support and fiscal sponsorship through Kumu and Social Good Fund

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